Everywhere you turn on the Internet, they’re all saying the same thing: it takes time to do organic SEO. It takes time to see results, and it takes time to see Return On Investment. However, that doesn’t mean that you are powerless to do something right now to boost your SEO traffic. You can start boosting your traffic tomorrow morning with these four tips…

1. Join Google Places and Facebook

Joining local venues is a great move, as you can instantly benefit from the Google Venice algorithm update, which was programmed specifically to help feature locally written content to a local audience. These sites are not only going to bring you local traffic, but they will also count as a quality link. You can also join Facebook either as a business page or as a user and can build further quality links for your business.

2. Add a Sitemap

While you no longer have to submit your site to a universal directory, you can still benefit by updating your sitemap page, a page that holds all the links on your site. You can either download an automatic plugin application (for WordPress and other CMS programs) or you can create your own sitemap HTML page. Some applications also have a feature that lets you decide how often to “ping” the search engines to search for new content.

3. Research Longtail and Local Keyword Phrases

Your best bet to boost traffic right now is to go after longtail keyword phrases and local keyword traffic, since you will have less competition for these niche market words. Still, you can benefit from a traffic increase almost immediately, if you can find keywords that are relatively popular but that have low competition in the industry. Simply research your keywords first, and then publish an article containing your researched keyword phrase.

4. Write a Guest/Blog or Submit to an Article Directory

It might take a day or two to be approved, but you can submit your request tonight and benefit from additional links. Even though the SEO world is constantly changing, linkbuilding is still one of the essentials for increasing your web presence. Now, it’s just a matter of building quality links!


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