Why You Need a Mobile Website

Is Your Website Optimized for Smartphone and Tablet Users?

Did you know that mobile web browsing is set to outpace desktop internet access within the next three years? If you don’t have a mobile website, you’re handing your competitors a leg-up on the web. If you want to appeal to all of your potential customers, a website optimized for mobile devices is essential.

Mobile web design essentially simplifies the web-page browsing experience for use on a variety of mobile devices from iPhones and Android smart-phones to tablets and other mobile devices. A good mobile design should have a clean layout with simple navigation options to provide your clients with relevant information while guiding them to take action. So what makes a really good website, and why should you trust the mobile experts at Level9solutions?

Why Mobile Design is So Important

Don’t make your users “pinch and zoom” to access your content. Many users of non-mobile sites on mobile devices report feeling frustration with the imprecision of Mobile Website Designbuttons and links, and of accidentally navigating away from the page in an attempt to zoom. Access points on non-mobile sites generally appear so tiny as to be difficult to isolate. Other times, they’re optimized for mouse-clicks rather than the tapping motion that most smartphone users are used to performing.

This clumsy operation can lead to confusion and, ultimately, an increased-bounce rate. The truth is, mobile users want mobile-optimized websites. They’re easier to use, and it’s reassuring for your clients to see that you’ve put in the effort.

With less screen real estate, mobile development essentially works to “boil-down” your site elements to only the most essential. Some may see this as a hindrance; but the upside is that mobile websites can actually be more tailored to conversions because there is less “noise” that may distract your potential client from taking action.

Apps Vs. Mobile Websites

Mobile App vs Mobile WebsitesMobile compatible websites are different than Mobile Apps. Many people think the solution to their mobile dilemma is to create a custom, downloadable application for smartphone users. If you have the budget for it, there are benefits to offering your clients an app.

But if you’re just starting out, rather than spending your limited budget on iOS or Android, you can best utilize your resources by offering a single mobile website. Since Android and iOS apps are built using different programming languages, it’s not as simple as just submitting the same app to both app stores. You’ll need separate development for each device-family.

A mobile website will display on any mobile device no matter the product-line – meaning you’re not excluding your customers browsing the web from their Windows phones and Blackberrys.

Mobile Websites and Search

Mobile websites are important for SEO too – that means your mobile site can help contribute to your placement on search engines, where downloadable apps, on the other hand, won’t help you rank well online. Additionally, with apps your clients will have to go looking for you, and they’ll have to have an interest in downloading your application to their phone. That’s asking a lot of your users, who might just want to access your content without allowing your application access to their devices.

If you’re ready to offer your web users a customized browsing experience, or if you have any questions about creating a mobile website for your online business presence, contact the mobile development experts at Level9solutions. We’ll create a mobile site that reflects your company branding and speaks to your clients, while guiding and compelling them to act.