This just in.

I have been notified by several of our clients who were victimized when STRATFOR was hacked that the hackers are still testing out the credit cards by making small donations to obscure charities and other organizations around the country. Most of these amounts are $1 or less, so they are easy to slip by. How many of us have iPhones and Android phones that we use to purchase apps for $1 – $4?

This was also confirmed by my credit card company. Some of these charges were from a Colorado based Christian School, Another one was from MOSI (the local Museum of Science and Industry). Several others were from Google. Thankfully, it appears that none of these charges actually made through due to the diligent efforts of credit card companies that were informed by STRATFOR. I had earlier posted Mr. Friedman’s email on this issue. It seems that was very effective.

The downside was that unfortunately payments to many of the other 503(c) organizations are being flagged to prevent further payments due to computer hacking. It is a minor inconvenience, but I urge all who subscribed to STRATFOR to call your credit card companies and ask them to go over recent charges, even the ones that have not shown up on your account yet. Get them to cancel the card and send you a new one.

Good Luck.