There are still some people in marketing who see SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a “scam”, a business practice invented primarily to exploit new website owners.  However, anyone who doubts the importance of search engines and content producing can simply look at the latest Google Panda algorithm update and see how powerful text content is to establishing top search rankings.

Low quality content, and especially non-existent content, is not just being passed over by search engine bots – this inferior writing is actually being penalized by search bots and human editors.  Unfortunately for the SEO industry, legitimate content producers have been given a bad name by shady “SEO companies” that simply don’t understand how search engines work, or who don’t really care about the quality of writing.  SEO should be about specifics not generalities and huge budgets.

Here’s an easy way to tell if an SEO company is legitimate.  How much are they asking you to invest?  This question is not to imply that real SEO is cheap – it can be an expensive investment for sure, as any advertising budget requires come capital.  However, the great thing about SEO Services is that it is a scalable investment.

So if you are being pressured into a huge financial commitment, and yet the company cannot justify the expense it’s time to worry.  Good SEO is not a matter of “now or never.”  You build a great site and a great online presence day by day.  The best advice for SEO investment is to calculate a budget, work out a strategic plan and then find a company that can provide specifics on keyword analysis, ROI and keyword density strategy.

For more help with understanding how the SEO business works and what type of financial investment is normal, talk to an experienced SEO firm about your options.