If you are a small business owner then we’re guessing you have a limited budget to begin your marketing campaign.  Indeed, high expenditures are one of the reasons why so many new companies fail.  However, not advertising and not aggressively marketing is simply not an option at this crucial stage.

How do you go about marketing your brand to a new generation of customers?  If you’re thinking the Internet then you have the right idea.  However, just like television and radio, the Internet is a medium that can be easily misunderstood.  Like TV and radio, this medium can also be a big, expensive mistake!

If you do not have a working plan, you will get overwhelmed with the great void that is Internet advertising.  More to the point, if you do not carefully target a specific audience online, you will be biting off way more than you can chew.  The most popular keyword phrases are highly sought after and the competition is fierce.  Unless you have the budget and the time (not to mention the links that indicate web popularity) you are not going to land anywhere near the top of the search rankings for common search phrases.

However, by focusing your attention on specifics and having a consistent plan of action you will begin to build your online reputation…and this is worth gold to your company, your credibility and your cash flow.  Focus on the basics in the beginning.  Create a professional website, as this will act as your 24-7 calling card, providing details as to what you offer.  Next, get involved in social media and in article marketing so that you can build quality links and catch the attention of constantly searching “spiders” (Internet robots that look for new links and new content).

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, focus on creating excellent content that will be helpful to your viewers.  For more on good SEO practices call or email us today