By now you must have been researching SEO very well, as you begin to take your company to new heights in an exclusively Internet Age.  Now it’s time to accept the fact that although SEO is a rather straightforward concept, not every SEO firm is going to be helpful to you.  In fact, here are four types of SEO “experts” that you might want to avoid.

The SEO Mill:

Conspicuously cheap prices but bad quality writing – which means all the optimization going on is for nothing.  Search engines no longer pay attention to cheap traffic-grabbing methods and actually penalize companies for trying to pass off bad content as quality content. Get a Professional Copywriter who has experience in SEO Techniques.

The SEO Genius:

For lack of a better term, this is the guy who convinces small companies that he’s doing so much brilliant SEO work, he can’t even explain it all.  All of his/her reports are vague and nothing is ever concrete.  SEO may not be easy, but it is logical and a straightforward business.  Unfortunately, there are some shady individuals working in SEO who give it a bad name. These guys will promise you #1 ranking, unfortunately, the keywords they will rank you for – well – no one’s looking for them. Bummer!

The SEO Evil Genius:

There are still a few of these wise guys out there – the same ones who insist that organic SEO is a waste of time, and that that all of their sneaky methods are what work today.  Some of their scams are obvious (black hat SEO tricks that have been banned by Google) while others are highly suspect (high keyword densities, inserting special codes, etc.).  The only way to buy SEO (just like your groceries) is to buy “organic”!

The SEO Slacker:

This guru has everything down and the logic figured out.  Unfortunately, he/she doesn’t have a solid marketing plan.  If you are looking to an SEO firm for marketing guidance, be sure that you don’t simply take the expert at his word.  Ask the expert precise questions about the what’s and why’s of keywords and SEO marketing.  In the end, not only is this good business, but it also makes sure the SEO Company understands your business model and your customers.

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