Search Engine Optimization, like any other marketing avenue you can think of, is a long-term commitment.  Think about it – what other advertising channel lets you garner great success from a one-time commercial?  The Super Bowl, maybe?  Sure…if everyone watches the Super Bowl and you pay about 3 million dollars for a commercial, then your company will bask in the sun…for about a week or so.  Eventually, they all forget you. This is why you see all these companies continue to advertise.

The point is, all marketing can be considered a long-term commitment – and especially web marketing.  After all, what is advertising if not constant repetition of your company message?  Now it is true that SEO and all other types of web marketing may require even greater repetition than other mediums, and this is because text is cheap and the competition is monstrous.  Your competition and the entire SEO industry know that the company that “talks the most” (and says something of substance the most often) will be rewarded in the search rankings.

So the very idea of a short-term SEO solutions is ridiculous!  How can a company expect to see results or any form of return on investment if the campaign is killed after a month?  A few blogs here and there are not going to make a dent in the market.  For that matter, a few blogs here and there are not going to win over any customers.  You must become a consistent voice in your market. 

The only way to use effective SEO, indeed, the only way to use the entire Internet for your marketing purposes, is to be consistent.  You must provide a strong voice on a regular basis, investing in SEO optimized articles, blogs, press releases, eBooks and other online content.

Remember, there are billions of messages and millions of new content pages shared every day.  Don’t get lost in the ocean.  Build yourself a foundation and stay afloat.  This attitude will lead to great results!

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