Local Search Engine Optimization is often dismissed as impractical. If you have a virtually located store or business then you probably are thinking that you want to go national. However, even if that’s your plan, never underestimate the strategy of local SEO content building.

Instead of thinking of regions or locality as limitations, think of them as “niches” – specific areas that you can go after. In essence, what you do when you try local SEO is narrow the market down and focus attention on a highly targeted audience. This means that if you reach these Internet viewers, and they see your localized message, they are far more likely to convert. You have four advantages here.

  • You are going after localized keywords, meaning you are separating yourself from other companies that do not work within your area.
  • You are entering a market that is less competitive; one that might even be easier to dominate.
  • You are establishing a great web presence and are truly becoming a big fish in a small pond.
  • The search engines will help you, once they see that you are localizing your market. The major search engines are more likely to return your local search results to other local users rather than list some company halfway across the world.

Here’s a localization tip to see even better results: make the article personal and very local. Reference specific sites in the area or community culture. There are probably companies already trying for your local city – but chances are, they are standardizing content, not really spelling out a difference between your city or Los Angeles or New York. If you go the extra mile and make the article or blog about your community, you are more likely to be recognized and rewarded.

As the industry becomes even more fiercely competitive, you will find local search optimization to be of great importance.