Search Engine Optimization seems like an empty phrase at times. The word “optimization” merely means “the process of modifying a software system to make some aspect of it work more efficiently.” In truth, this is not what we know as SEO. We are not actually modifying programs, though slightly altering HTML programming and page/picture titles is often times a course of action.

Rather, SEO is about essentially establishing a strong presence. Yes, you are making use of the search engines and using organic methods to influence the search company’s “algorithm.” The term optimization merely means that you are optimizing the status quo—finding ways to increase the website’s ranking in the search engine.

Years ago, the benefits of SEO were somewhat unclear, as the industry was still making tweaks, and the entire world had yet to globalize and make the Internet the dominant form of communication and entertainment. By now in 2012, that has happened. The power of SEO is felt by every industry (if still not completely understood) and this is why practically every rising business has a blog, has directory articles and has several pages of keyword rich text.

Remember when you work with SEO that you can expect some measurable benefits. More than any medium, when you work with SEO you can expect free targeted traffic. You can boost your traffic by earning higher rankings in popular or niche keyword searches. The good news is that once you earn your place in the top 10, you can keep it there for a while, as you will have established good quality content and a good keyword strategy. SEO marketing also works nonstop, 24-7, and until you remove the page from the Internet.

SEO gives you increased brand visibility and can also help you establish brand trust. You can work with blogs, press releases, article marketing and social networking pages to promote your company. Sooner than later, your audience will begin to associate your name with their favorite keyword requests—that’s priceless!

Experience the power of SEO and see what it can do for your business!