What are some advantages of Local SEO? Perhaps you have only thought of SEO as a national or international medium, something that can establish an online store or an entertainment site. However, you can also use this form of internet marketing to establish a local businesses. There are some great advantages to Local Search Optimization, whether you’re in the medical field, a mechanic or even the restaurant business. Consider three advantages of local SEO!

1. Local SEO is even less expensive than mainstream SEO.

Why? Because there is far less competition for your keywords. A broad keyword campaign (and content created around them) can be expensive. However, sometimes a few “long tail” local articles are all you need to be recognized by a major search engine.

2. A better form of targeting – regional targeting!

While you can expect far more traffic if you go after the niches, you will still be competing against niche websites all over the world. When you target your customers to local areas in your vicinity, you narrow down the market. That’s a better chance you have of making a sale. Why, some of these clients you could even meet in person!

3. Build Your Credibility as a Local Expert

Credibility does not necessarily lie in accolades, degrees and business awards. You can earn the reputation of an expert by simply being an expert in your field – and making yourself available to the public. Because you are narrowing your market, you won’t be competing against numerous over-qualified candidates. It will be a fair contest, and you can showcase your knowledge and win your city’s respect!

Remember the name of the game is online visibility. Whether you are competing for a national market or a local market you must establish a strong online presence. It is much easier to do this locally, so reach out to the local community and start spreading your message!