Perhaps it’s fitting that we call it organic SEO, because proper growth is very important to an organic farm. Just as you cannot rush good food, so too you cannot expect your first SEO campaign to be a miraculous success. If you organize your campaign correctly, your first SEO campaign will be a consistent endeavor, one that helps your company establish brand and boost sales over a reasonable period of time.

So you understand that part of it. Now you may wonder, is there any way that I can profit from SEO in the short-term? Maybe you’re asking this question fearing that before long, you may not have a budget for marketing! You need to see results quick…and are just patiently wondering how long this entire web campaigning is going to take!

This is understandable. It’s natural to want to see return on investment, especially if we are working with someone new, someone who hasn’t earned our trust. The question is not easy to answer, but the basic thought is yes, in theory, you could experience some short-term SEO benefits. You may be able to see results sooner if your website has been around for a while and has good amount of relevant content. Also, by targeting certain long tail keywords (longer niche phrases as opposed to broad searches), you may begin to see some returns fairly quickly. I must point out that your results may also depend on the competitiveness of the industry you’re in.

So while it is possible, it’s certainly nothing you could bank on. However, ask yourself what advertising medium offers guaranteed sales? Any marketing endeavor has the chance of failure or success. What matters is how closely you pay attention. How you notice and capitalize on trends. It is also important to be consistent in your message. Starting and stopping SEO campaigns may have a negative impact.

If you have a decent marketing budget, a combination of organic and PPC marketing may be more beneficial. Pay Per Click campaigns typically bring about immediate results, so while you’re building up your organic SEO strategy, PPC can help bridge the revenue gap.