You may know that consistency wins the game in Search Engine Optimization. However, you may be uncertain as to how to start this “race.” How can you apply the lesson of “long-term SEO solution” to your own business and online campaign? Here are five tips to keep in mind.

1. Focus on long-tail keywords first

You may be running an uphill battle by going after popular and broad keyword searches too soon. Instead, go for long-tail keywords, the long phrases that don’t have as much competition, and then slowly broaden your keyword selection as you build experience.

2. Build links slowly and consistently instead of quickly

Many people still don’t understand that cheap and fast links are almost as worthless as quick and fast traffic. Overly-aggressive linking can actually cause search engine sites to penalize your company. So instead, create a sustainable schedule and keep it up, rather than buying a huge number of links.

3. Create quality SEO content instead of third-rate content

Search engines are coming down hard on “content farms”, which seek to create a flood of pages that have little to no reader value. If your link structure is intact, then the search engines will find you sooner than later. So pay close attention to what you’re sending them.

4. Anticipate landing pages in advance

Remember that some search engines assign value to older pages, so don’t wait until the last second to publish good content. Some designers will actually publish a keyword-friendly page, link it, and optimize it later, just to benefit from the aging factor. While this may not be your personal choice, it illustrates the point well: plan SEO page by page.

5. Re-Optimize Posts to Benefit from Good Traffic

Rather than obsessing too much over keyword phrases you thought you would be ranked for, instead focus on the searches that are bringing regular traffic and re-optimize your posts, or add a series of articles on similar keywords and subjects.

If you’re in this for the long-haul, then approach SEO with a runner’s discipline – eager to begin, but ready to pace yourself for a long journey.

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