If you’re not sure where to start with Internet marketing, then it’s important to create a plan of action and prioritize the various steps.

Establish a Budget and Timeline

It’s imperative that you know what you want to do, as well as how much money or time you can afford to invest. Try to establish measurable outcomes so that you can track your success. To begin your SEO strategy, create a plan of action, including what results you hope to see.

Selecting The Appropriate Avenue

While you may find banner, video or Pay-Per-Click advertising useful, they are very different from a traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Instead of attempting to attract broad demographics, you are identifying and pursuing targeted traffic. You can research, analyze and optimize keyword phrases so that you can find targeted viewers and customize your presentation through effective keywords.

Of course, developing your SEO campaign can be challenging. If you’re not organized, this can easily turn into a free-for-all that ends up costing you more than you make out of it. The next step is to identify your target audience and then determine what keywords to focus on in order to reach them.

Appropriate Keyword Research

Keyword research (statistical results of actual keyword searches) is important for this step, but you must also consider other factors such as what words your competitors are using, what words your audience is likely to type in, and what words best qualify your traffic.

Optimized and Engaging Content

The next step in SEO strategy is to create the keyword-optimized content for your website, for blogs and for article directories. The more you do this, the more often search bots will find your content and index it for instant retrieval. As you study analytics month to month, you may decide to customize and tinker with your SEO campaign, perhaps choosing new words, or trying different link-building strategies.

Be Consistent

This is the key to a successful SEO strategy: You need to be consistently following your SEO strategy. The worst mistake you can make is to publish a few paragraphs of text a few times a month and expect a major payoff. Successful SEO strategy requires that you build a name for yourself and you participate in this massive arena called the web.