One of the reasons so many clients distrust SEO firms is because the term SEO is sort of confusing! What does Search Engine Optimization really mean? Many who specialize in this field actually say that SEO is a misleading term. They prefer a term more specific as to tasks, such as online presence manager or search engine marketer.

Indeed, the word optimization is somewhat limited, because actual work involving search engine marketing includes writing, managing, researching, publishing, and communicating with many parties. Search Engine Optimization, in theory, means the building of content meant to increase site rankings in an “organic” way.

The term “organic SEO” means that only quality writing and strict adherence to search engine-listed rules will be pursued. All sorts of SPAM and SPAM-related techniques are grouped under “black hat” practices and are often times penalized by search engines. Whereas most clients today wouldn’t think of doing anything illegal or frowned upon, many would be oblivious as to what practices are acceptable.

For instance, two popular notions in SEO today are that you should use your keyword rapidly and throughout the article, perhaps reaching a 10% density; and that you should get busy buying and exchanging links. However, these notions are not necessarily true. Keyword density is strongly recommended to stay around 1-5%, whereas randomized (as in irrelevant link trades) or “paid” link exchanges are usually penalized by search engines.

So it is vitally important that you consult an SEO expert before you start experimenting with your own content production. Knowledge in this regard will protect you from some common mistakes, and will help you achieve higher rankings through honest methods. In the end, playing the game by their rules (The Search Engines’) will lead to the greatest rewards. Talk to an SEO firm today to learn more!