Targeting The Most Popular Keywords May Be Draining Your Bank Account

Have you ever felt discouraged after launching an SEO campaign, only to find out that you didn’t crack the top 50? It doesn’t seem fair…especially since your words were so well chosen and the articles you published, so well-written.

Here’s the problem: you may very well be going after search terms that are too popular and too broad. You are being slaughtered by the competition. The only way to seriously compete would be to publish many more articles, and even better quality articles than you currently have. And sadly, even then you have an uphill battle.

Why is this? Because it’s not just the content that matters. Search engines also consider many other factors, such as link popularity, site popularity, the date the site was created (with preference to older sites), and site reputation. The search engines are not playing favorites – they are trying to deliver the results that their users want.

So do they play fair? Not necessarily, because the audience is not really “playing fair.” They want reliable sources; they want sites that have a good reputation, and not just any cheesy site that posts information.

Therefore, if you have a limited budget and are not seeing any success in your SEO campaign, then it’s time to consider an alternative route. Go for the niches!

Spend your money wisely and invest in long-tail keywords and local keyword combinations. This is not only going to separate you from the competition, but it’s also going to help you reached targeted traffic. In essence, you are pre-qualifying your traffic and this will often times lead to greater sales.

As the Internet becomes more and more populated, this is quickly becoming the definitive SEO strategy of today—and all the more so for the small business that can’t afford to publish hundreds of pages of content each month.

Be specific and you will bring in quality traffic, making your SEO campaign a magnificent success!