Are you a company looking to branch out into SEO marketing? Then it’s best to read up on all the mistakes other companies are making so you can be prepared. One of the most common mistakes made is that of using non-text programming on a website.

Remember that search engine bots crawl according to text and text links that they find. While there is constant improvement being reported, the fact is that these crawlers can’t index non-text content. This includes everything from Java menus to Ajax menus to Flash animations and GIF/JPG pictures (without alternate text). So if your site has mostly graphic and audio content, you may well be dooming yourself to low page rankings, simply because you have no text. Searchers won’t be able to find you, unless they directly load your site.

Google is primarily a text reader program, and not planning for this will be a bad move…in fact, it will discount an otherwise great website, which no one will ever see. So if you are creating or redoing a website, make sure that it is search engine friendly from the very beginning. You could plan two versions of the site, one text-based, and one featuring graphics and sound. Or, you could combine both, by including various effects on the page, but with plenty of text content as well. You could also provide alternate text navigation to your mail pages. One of the best ways to do this is to create a simple HTML site map.

Last but not least, remember to name your pages descriptively and avoid numbers or mixed text (which is often seen among Java or Flash-heavy sites). Ideally, you want a URL that reflects your products and your company. Search engines, like Google, place high priority in keyword page names.


For example:

is much more attractive to search engines than something like:

First and foremost, On Page SEO revolves around relevance. The former URL provides that.

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Over the next few months, we will be discussing more SEO mistakes.

For more information contact an SEO Company who can help you through the process.