If you want to advertise your company to the online world, then what should your SEO campaign consist of?  Don’t make the mistake of leaving the SEO company to decide.  Not only are there some unscrupulous types out there who will take advantage of ignorance, but more to the point, you will never know how well you’re doing unless you actively take charge of the campaign.

That means that you must plan goals, and decide the most profitable avenues for your business.  So let’s review some major SEO arenas that are most likely to benefit your company.

1. Article Marketing

Article marketing has taken a “hit” lately as some of the top article directory sites (where articles are submitted and published) have taken a dive in Google search rankings.  However, article marketing still remains a legitimate way to build links – provided you’re writing quality stuff.

2. Blogging

Blogging and guest-blogging (on blogs of online acquaintances) helps you market your business by targeting keywords and writing detailed blogs that are informative or educational.  Blogging gives you more freedom creatively and more control over publishing rights.

3. Press Releases

Press releases are articles submitted to news outlets, meaning they can by syndicated and get you loads of traffic.  However, these releases must be written in a sophisticated way and have a newsworthy topic.  Press releases can be distributed for free on cheap directories or distributed globally for a fee.

4. Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other sites are earning highest search rankings for many keyword phrases.  They are also the most popular Internet sites because of mainstream and global popularity.  Use their big names to your advantage by creating content exclusively for social networking.

5. Local Pages

One of the newest trends in SEO is that of local page marketing, using big name sites like Google Maps/Places, Facebook Places, FourSquare, Yahoo Local and Yelp.  These sites concentrate search engine efforts on sites within a specific location, and actually crawl and index webpages with local keyword searches.  They integrate smoothly with mobile devices, which can direct users in “real time” to the nearest local business based on local cell phone keyword searches.


When you read about SEO, these are the most important arenas you’re discussing. Plan a campaign around these five areas, based on your budget and your schedule.