Not too long ago, many businesses would tell you that blogging was of little importance.  The main focus was on getting out as many articles as possible, filling up directory sites, and keyword stuffing so as to reach the highest rankings.  With two little updates by Google known as Panda and Penguin, that really has started to change.  These high tech algorithms now penalize content that is written for computers and not people.  This is one reason why blogging is becoming much more important.

A blog producing informative content that can’t be found on 30 other websites is a rare find, especially if a lot of people are interested in it and linking to it.  This means it took time to write, and is something that is worthy of being high in the search rankings.  A blog can be about anything that is fun or informative, as long as people are searching for it, and as long as the content producer is sticking to the rules.

One of the best reasons to write a blog is so you can create a personal connection with your audience!  The people typing in those searches are your target audience.  In the past, web marketers would over-invest in article directory links, or perhaps even in spam links.  This led to users finding primarily gibberish or low quality articles—hardly helpful.

Individual users have, by now, learned to automatically ignore such results, quickly clicking through to find something better without even looking at the other content on the site.  The search engines have caught up to the user’s line of thinking.

A good blog is important for your company, not only for grabbing attention, but for also keeping it.  A well updated blog will bring you repeat clicks, as well as links, and friends telling friends.  This is the best way to grow, by doing the hard work and reaping the benefits!