Are you wondering how often you should update your website? The simple answer is: as often as possible! Fresh content is one of the factors that keeps search engines happy and ranking your website high in the results, not to mention keeps your customers coming back for more.

Stop and think of your own favorite websites. How often do you check them? The ones you check most probably have a pretty consistent stream of new content, maybe even daily items. Now picture just how often you want your customers visiting your website, and you have an answer of how often you should write for your website.

It may be easy to write content when there is something new and exciting going on, but what do you do during the lulls? Rehashing old outdated information or often repeated information won’t do much for your site. One of the best things that you can do is devote time to keyword researching as well as analyzing your own pages. What pages are still really bringing in the traffic and which aren’t? This can help guide you on what you should write about next. Once you have your keywords and some basic thoughts it is time to brainstorm for new topics to keep things fresh. For example, news-inspired blogs, or articles about developing trends in the industry.

Many people find writing a continuous stream of new content for their business a little challenging. It is time consuming to have to sit down and pound out article after article. How do all those other websites do it? The truth of the matter is that many of the top ranking websites have turned to SEO companies for quantity or bulk articles. SEO firms can help with all manner of things, including researching the appropriate keywords, and really churning out high quality, well-written content.

Don’t let your website grow stale! Keep the search engines coming back for more by having new content as often as possible. If you can find the required free time and have the knowhow, then keeping up with new content will not be too difficult. For those that would rather focus on their business and let the experts deal with all the extras, SEO firms are the best option for your money.