If you have a business that you are trying to spread the word about, then no doubt you are looking into the newest social media options.  Facebook is currently one of the biggest on the scene these days, but smart business owners know to keep their ear to the ground and to always be ready for what is the next big thing.

Currently, Pinterest is gathering a lot of steam.  What many businesses want to know then is – would Pinterest be worth the time investment?  Pinterest is currently one of the fastest growing social websites in the world today.  Which means the short answer of whether or not it is going to be worth the time is yes.  Expanding to many areas across the web helps get your name out there and this website can help do just that with its over 11 million users and “viral” momentum.

Now for your specific company, there are several factors to consider, such as the type of business you have and the clients you are trying to attract. Pinterest is a photo sharing website that allows its users to make collections or “pin-boards” of images.  If your business has no real images it can link to in order to show its products or services then this website is going to be a tough sell.  If however, your company offers products that can be used in images (or at least the spirit of the service can be represented in images; symbolism, related topics, etc.) then Pinterest will be well worth the time.

A vast majority of people on the website are currently women, and many boards have to do with crafts, weddings, vacations and dreams.  Let’s say you are a cabinet business for example.  You can post pictures of beautiful kitchens in gorgeous “dream homes” with links back to your cabinet business.  People will add these images to their boards of “homes”, and their friends will see them and do the same, soon your images are all over Pinterest, and in the hands of people that actually want to buy those cabinets.  Get the picture?

If you sell any type of product this is the site for you.  If you are a blogger and take any type of nice images for your blog, this is the site for you.  If you are a cut and dry business, with non-tangible items and ideas that cannot be easily expressed by camera, then you may need to stick to Facebook, Twitter, and the like.  Is Pinterest worth the time investment?  That depends on your business and just how creative you can get to draw people in!