Do you have a small business? Then you may have heard or read about the option of “buying” articles or “SEO articles” for your company. What does this mean? What does buying a few articles have to do with increasing your sales?

First, understand that a few articles on their own won’t really accomplish anything. If you have ever come across a magazine article in Time or Newsweek, who do you think derives the most benefit from the feature? Probably the writer himself—he or she is the one making a name for you. Most readers will probably not even remember the article or writer in a year’s time.

So you are correct in assuming that buying a few articles is pointless. However, Search Engine Optimization is not about the buying and selling of a few articles. This is a complete approach to web marketing involving communication with your website and with the major search engines that dominate the Internet.

Search engines require constant “feeding” in order to provide the best, most accurate results for their users. Therefore, the top “ranked” sites are the ones that provide a quantity of information, and ensure that quality is paramount. With a major investment in SEO content production, a company can earn high rankings for popular keyword searches and increase brand awareness, leads, and individual or group sales.

So if someone is advertising “a few articles” for your company, know that they will, for the most part, be forgotten after a short period of time. It is your obligation as a savvy webmaster or website owner to keep the search engines actively “crawling” your website—because of lots of new content. This way, you cannot be forgotten, because now you’re one of the few companies that understands SEO and knows that the secret to success in is consistency.