When it comes to SEO investment, you can either pay for the writing or pay an SEO consultant. Most businesses would prefer to work with a consultant and not merely a writer, or a company that sells writing. Why? Because SEO consultants understand how Search Engine Optimization and web marketing work. They understand how to break down this information for consumers, for business owners and for employees.

Such a professional, usually with years of experience behind him or her, can advise you of the best steps to take and that’s in addition to some quality writing. For example, an SEO consultant might advise you to use less keyword density in line with Google’s new Penguin algorithm update. Or, an SEO consultant might advise you to avoid certain longtail keyword phrases because they are either too popular or not popular enough. Or, this person could tell you which article directories and which guest blogs are worth targeting based on link popularity. Some consultants can also advise you of full packages that are appropriate for a business of your size and growth.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take an SEO consultant’s advice. If you have your own plan of action, then you can call the shots as you see it. However, many in business (who are not familiar with SEO, social networking or social bookmarking) are still sketchy about online marketing. They actually encourage their SEO firms and consultants to volunteer advice regarding keyword research, number of articles, quantity, density and subject matter.

Consultants not only research keywords—they also stay up to date with the latest news in the industry, regarding algorithm updates, statements from major search engine companies, and other industry trends. They are also qualified to give advice on HTML problems in SEO—namely page titles, META tags and descriptions, and other technicalities that writers often ignore.

Why not opt for an SEO firm with a consultant contact? It may save you money in the long run – if this consultant can prevent you from making an expensive mistake. For more information, contact an SEO firm that can help you with planning your next campaign!