There is nothing quite like face to face, real human interaction—and that’s true whether you’re talking about a meeting with friends, an in-person business call or even a romantic date. The personal factor counts.

And nowadays with technology all around us, we are in danger of losing the personal connection. Therefore, perhaps it is a blessing that we have the likes of Twitter and Facebook to remind us of just how personal our lives need to be. Yes, the personal connection is what makes these social networking sites so immensely popular and a dynamic boost for increasing sales.

Of course, if you follow SEO news then you also realize that extremely popular social networking sites can actually help you build links. For the latest Google Penguin updates, social media pages grew while article directory and “content mills” fell. This is rather easy to figure out; millions upon millions of people are using Facebook and interacting on a daily basis, causing huge Internet traffic. Now compare that to an article directory…not as much happening.

Another site to discuss in your SEO marketing plans is that of Twitter. Twitter is a social interaction website that puts emphasis on short messages as well as links. Because of the worldwide popularity of Twitter, not to mention the hash tags that get the mainstream attention, Twitter pages are also commonly listed SERPs for broad searches.

In essence, by creating Twitter and Facebook accounts, (as well as other rising sites like LinkedIn and Pinterest), you are creating content on already-popular webpages and not fighting for respectability as you would, say, from opening a free website with a .hostzi extension.

Now just imagine if you were an entertainer or a local company trying to reach out and find new customers…but on a very limited budget. You have an ideal opportunity to advertise on Facebook and Twitter, investing only your time and creativity. (You can also outsource this job to an SEO marketing expert who has experiencing in driving Twitter and Facebook to website sales)

Here’s another aspect to consider. This “new generation” in marketing doesn’t necessarily put great importance on “sales” pages. Sometimes a social media page, in which a businessperson is NOT trying to sell, works much better at branding and showing the audience who he/she really is. As mobile marketing also becomes more important with the proliferation of iPads, Droids and Kindles, it is time to jump on the social networking bandwagon.

In 2012, the Internet, and in particular, social media, is where the party is. As a small business owner, you are wise to follow the latest trends in social media and SEO, and if necessary to enlist the help of a qualified SEO firm.