For years, we always heard that content is king…and that the search engines were insatiable for new information.  It wasn’t too surprising that commercial websites and article directories started to over-produce, because that was what everyone wanted at the time.

However, by now we have reached a point where the Internet is flooded with good to great to “okay” content, and now the search engines have started to be a little more judicious when it comes to highlighting new content in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).  Guest blogging is favored over article directory submission, and company blogs and magazine articles are favored over link exchanges and blog commenting.

Once you set up your website, social network pages and other links, it’s time to focus on keeping the search engines’ attention by pinging them regularly with new content to search and index.

The only question now is, how often should you blog or guest blog?  First of all, be sure that you are not over extending yourself by publishing so much content that you start repeating yourself and resemble nothing more than a content mill site.  (Over-optimized sites are now being buried in rankings)  Find your writing style and then publish at a comfortable pace, whether this is once a month or once a week.

What if you are buying SEO content and have the budget to produce as much content as you want?  You have to carefully consider this question, as it’s not merely an issue of SEO but of your targeted base.  Ask yourself this: how often do you want your potential customers to visit your site?  Is once a day too much?  Is once a week or once a month not enough?  Remember that newspapers are released daily, while popular magazines are released at least once a month.

SEO doesn’t have any specific rules about overproducing, though some SEO experts might tell you that they like to “space out” articles when submitting them to directories, just so they can avoid unloading several articles within an hour.  Guest blogging may have some slightly different rules, since there are so many requests being made and readers may appreciate variety in voice and topics, rather than reading dozens of articles by the same company or writer within a week.

The fact of the matter is that if you are serious about online marketing, you have to budget for as much writing as possible, whether you’re buying it outright or are losing time in writing it.  Make the writing count and do it as often as you can comfortably produce.  Make your web blog a mecca of user activity!  An SEO company can definitely help you to make your content count and to keep it coming.