Internet Website Marketing Strategies

Today, it’s essential that even small business owners advertise effectively online. Your clients and potential clients are utilizing the Internet for e-commerce of all types. If you’re looking to take your small business to the next level, it’s essential you embark on a strategic Web Marketing Campaign.

Luckily, Online Marketers have more opportunities than ever to reach out to their clients and potential clients. With dozens of Interactive Web Marketing Strategies to choose from, online advertising can be specifically targeted or highly dynamic.

Internet Marketing strategies like the ones discussed below have made it possible for businesses to advertise their product or service to a client-base of millions. In today’s interconnected online market, even small businesses have the potential to reach millions of clients.

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A few of the types of businesses that can benefit from our services

  • Real-Estate Professionals
  • Dentists or Oral Surgeons with Private Practices
  • Nurse Practitioners with Private Practices
  • Attorneys or Legal Service Providers
  • Local Restaurants and Bars
  • Veterinary Clinics/ Animal Care Facilities
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Snow Removal Companies
  • Auto-Repair Companies
  • Boat-Repair Professionals
  • Artisans and Craftsmen
  • Travel Agencies
  • Private Contractors of Any Type

Depending on your business’s niche, needs and budget, there are a number of Web Marketing Strategies you can utilize to advertise online.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This generally refers to paid (non-organic) Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Paid search is a Web Marketing Strategy wherein business owners pay for featured placement on a search engine’s results pages (SERPS) or affiliated websites. Google AdWords is one of the most popular platforms for SEM.

Web-Banner Advertising

This is a form of SEM that attracts attention with simple, bright images and instant information. Web Banners are actually links designed to direct web traffic to a website. This Online Marketing Strategy of “Backlinking” also helps lend credibility to a website.

Organic SEO

This is a Website Marketing Strategy used to promote search engine ranking based primarily on relevance and credibility. Relevance and credibility are established through a number of online marketing strategies from on-page edits and fully-optimized copy to quality back-links from other websites and directories.

Social Media Marketing

SMM allows Online Marketers to interact directly with their client base, perform product research, advertise promotions, provide customer support and serve as an informational resource, all from a trusted platform that your clients are already visiting like Facebook, Twitter and blogging platforms. Social media outlets are a great way to promote virally yet organically.

Local Search Marketing

This includes organic and paid Online Marketing Services to advertise a local business website to local audiences. Local Search Marketing includes placement in a search engines “Local,” “Maps,” or “Places” sections.

Landing Pages

Often known as “Sales Pages” or “Conversion Pages”, the main goal of a landing page is to act as a supplement to a more full-fledged website. Landing Pages are single, highly focused web-pages whose main goal is to get visitors to take some form of action. Some landing pages are geared toward collecting client information (like email-addresses for email marketing), while others are geared toward making a direct sale.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is effective once you have obtained a client or potential client’s email address (either through landing form conversions or client-submissions). With Email Marketing you have the opportunity to market directly to your target demographic on a semi-regular basis.

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