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On Page SEO, also known as On Page Search Optimization generally refers to a method of Organic SEO wherein web marketers utilize Relevant Content and Specific Optimization Techniques to improve a webpage’s search engine ranking. On page search optimization can be achieved my paying particular attention to a few of a web page’s most important online marketing elements. In general, on page search optimization includes:

  • Appropriate URL Formatting
  • Well Researched Keywords
  • Keyword Rich Title Tags
  • Informative Description Tags
  • Strategic Internal Linking

Below you’ll find more information on the various aspects of On Page Search and how an Experienced SEO Company can help ensure your maximize your search results while adhering to SEO best practices.

URL Formatting

A web page’s URL is one of the first places search engines look to determine relevance. Web page URL’s should be as descriptive as possible while still adhering to on page SEO industry standards and best practices. Great URL’s are descriptive yet succinct and make strategic use of keywords.

For example:


is much more attractive to search engines than something like:


First and foremost, On Page SEO revolves around relevance. The former URL provides that.


Keywords are essentially your most relevant and effective search terms. For optimum On-Page SEO, keywords must be thoroughly researched and strategically implemented, as with their inclusion in title tags and URL’s. Keywords should also be peppered throughout a web page’s content. Whether linked or not, keywords help search engines determine the content of the page. It is important however, to ensure the inclusion of these keywords feels natural and organic.

Stuffing too many keywords into a page, or adding irrelevant keywords can actually be detrimental to a page’s search ranking. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced SEO company whose knowledge of search algorithms will prevent these errors and their resulting penalties.

Title Tags

Like URL’s, a web page’s title tag should describe exactly what users can expect to find on a given page. Title tags must make effective use of a website’s most relevant and powerful keywords, while still adhering to on page SEO “best practices.”

Title tags are not only the descriptive phrases your users will see at the top of your web-page – they are also the links that appear on search engine result pages (SERPs). That is why it’s essential for SEO Companies and their copywriters to strike a balance between keyword optimization and informational content. Luckily, relevant information that doesn’t necessarily contain important keywords can be expressed on a web page’s description tag.

Description Tags

Description tags are essentially the short sentences found beneath a SERP link that compel users to visit your site for more information. Without providing your potential clients with information on the products or services they can expect to find when they visit your website, there’s no incentive for them to click to learn more.

Description tags can be very valuable in terms of “human-response” and therefore should be constructed carefully. Good On-Page Optimization includes drafting unique description tags for all the pages on your website while adhering to SEO best-practices.

Internal Linking

Internal Linking is the systematic linking of one web page on your site to another. Good internal linking is essential to Effective On Page Optimization because it can ensure your site is properly indexed (crawled) by search engines. It can also help build the relevance of a keyword phrase in relation to a specific page and even increase the PageRank of an internal page.

Internal linking can be accomplished through header, footer and side-bar linking, as well as in-content links. As with other On-Page SEO Techniques, there are industry standards and best practices that should be considered when linking internally, which is why it’s a good idea to utilize the services of an Experienced SEO company.

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