Landing Pages & Squeeze Pages

Professional Landing Pages by Level9Solutions can help you Generate Leads and Capture Sales. Don’t Delay.

Are you ready to take your Business to the next level? You can start Generating Leads and Capturing Sales today with a Professionally Designed Landing Page by Level9Solutions.

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page, sometimes known as a “Lead Capture Page” or a “Sales Page” or a “Squeeze Page” is a single, focused webpage whose main goal is to Convert site visitors into leads or conversions. Because they are Highly Specific and singularly focused, Landing Pages are especially effective at getting visitors (your potential clients) to take some form of action on your site (ie. submit information or make a purchase).

If you want to Significantly Increase leads or quickly sell a product, you need an Effective, Professionally Designed Landing Page. Optimized Landing Pages by Level9Solutions can have a measurable effect on your profits because they are a lower cost option to prompt specific actions in a concise format and can be easily monitored and modified.

How do Landing Pages Work?

Landing Pages are often linked from advertorial material like Email Campaigns, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing or Social Media sites and may be used to collect information for lead generation or as a concise way to Sell a Particular Product or Service.

Because Landing Pages are often associated with Paid Search Initiatives (like PPC), their low cost is the perfect complement to balance associated advertising fees. Pay Per Click campaigns place a link to your website in a search engine’s “Sponsored Links” or “Ads” section. These sections are generally located on the top and left-hand navigation of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), making them highly accessible to your potential clients.

Not all Landing Pages, however, will require paid search initiatives. Landing Pages can also be linked to from a Blog Post or side bar, web banner or sponsorship graphic or Email Marketing Campaign.

Because of the need for Relevant Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), creating a fully fledged website is always a good investment. However, sometimes budget necessitates a smaller initiative. Professionally created landing pages are a great way to get started advertising your Florida small business online. Depending on the scope of your business, landing pages can act as Stand-Alone Websites, or can provide links to your company’s full website for more information on your products and services.

Who Can Benefit from a Landing Page?

Most businesses can benefit from one or more Landing Pages; however it is small businesses that generally see the most Measureable Effects of Landing Page conversions. That’s because landing pages are particularly effective at Local Search marketing and their comparatively low-cost translates to a major ROI.

Many Small Businesses have a singular focus and will only to sell or advertise a few products or services. In these instances, a Targeted and Well Designed Landing Page makes for an excellent way to get started building your web presence without over-extending your budget.

The following are just a few examples of the types of small businesses that can benefit from Localized Landing Pages:

  • Landscaping Companies
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Locksmiths
  • Personal Accountants
  • Independent Taxi Services
  • Florists
  • Freelancers
  • Carpentry/Wood Working
  • Snow Plowing/Snow Removal
  • Catering Companies
  • And More!

Many search engines offer ‘Local Search’ features (like Google Places) that will place relevant Local Landing Pages directly beneath the “Sponsored Links” or “Ads” sections. This prime placement means your potential clients will find you first. Tampa Website Design Company, level9Solutions, specializes in Localized and National Search Initiatives.

Why Choose Level9Solutions for Landing Page Services?

Our goal is to help you succeed. We are a Florida Website Design Company with years of experience in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Interactive Marketing Solutions. We know how to help your small business succeed with targeted initiatives and Optimized Landing Pages that lead directly to conversions and / or sales. With Professionally Created Landing Pages by Level9Solutions, your potential ROI is Huge.

Simple & Effective Landing Page Solutions for Busy Business Owners

At Tampa based Level9Solutions, we realize that you are busy and would rather focus on doing what you do best – run your business effectively. That is why we are offering an Industry First All-Inclusive Landing Page Package.

Our unique All-Inclusive Service will help you expand your Internet Marketing efforts offering a Package Deal on everything you need to get started withn a Professionally Designed Landing Page for one low fee. Our Special Offer includes all of the following:

  • One Domain (.com/.biz/.org/.net) for 1 year – with a Researched and Targeted domain name (specialty may cost extra)
  • One Year of hosting (a $300 value)
  • One Professionally Designed Landing Page with a Contact Form
  • Thoroughly Researched Keywords and Meta Tags
  • Fully Optimized and Professionally Written Copy (this is the text of your Landing Page)
  • Product / Service Images
  • One Google Local Services Page (if applicable)
  • Submission to Dozens of Search Engines

Ask us for a SPECIAL offer on this package!

Why do we have a special offer on this package? Because, a Landing Page is just one leg of an effective Marketing Strategy and since a Landing Page is generally product or Service Specific, you will need additional Landing Pages for your other Products and Services. We want you to be satisfied so you come back to us for additional services.

But that is not all. Another Industry First: Our Sustainability Guarantee


Should you decide to retain our Website Design Services for creating a full web site (or re-design of your existing website) within the first 6 months of the Landing Page creation we will apply 50% of your investment in the Landing Page toward the Full Design or Redesign Fees.

You will not find another Website Design Company willing to offer this kind of deal.

Tampa Website Design Services

Our Website Design Services run the gamut – from helping you select the appropriate hosting company and URL structure to Optimizing your Website or providing innovative Content Management Systems. Our Website Design Services are completely customizable, ensuring you get the most out of your Small Business Website. At Level9Solutions, we design with both search engines and your clients in mind, meaning our sites are both User-Friendly and Search Engine Optimized.

Finally, Level9Solutions provides ongoing client support. We will analyze click-through and conversion rates to determine the success of our initiative, and update accordingly. Our Landing Page Strategies are built on years of multivariate and A/B testing; ensuring measurable results.

Choose Level9Solutions Landing Page Design Services

Level9Solutions, based out of Tampa, Florida, understands the challenges associated with running a small business. That’s why we’re always here to assist our clients with Prompt Answers to their questions and Solutions to their problems. Since 1992, we have been providing ongoing support to Small Business Owners who use our services; helping them to make the most out of their Website or Internet Marketing Campaign.

Contact Level9Solutions for Website Design Services, Optimized Landing Pages or SEO. There are millions of websites competing for your clients. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Contact us today!