The Anatomy of a Professionally Designed Landing Page

What is a Landing Page? A Landing Page or a squeeze page can be defined as any web page that focuses on one product or service. It can be part of a full website or can be a stand-alone one page website on its own domain (example: A company can have as many Landing Pages as necessary to get its message out.

Developing an Effective Landing Page involves many steps. It involves more than just Website Design skills. The first step is to understand our clients’ business and industry. The next step is to identify the main competitors and understand their Internet Marketing Strategy. Next, an Appropriate Domain is researched and selected. After that, an appropriate design is created and content written using Researched Keywords. We then add a contact us form, add eye-catching graphics and apply Effective Meta Tags.

Once the Landing Page is live, we then submit it to dozens of Search Engines. If we are retained for on-going SEO Services, we will continuously monitor the Landing Page and make adjustments as needed.

So what does a Landing Page look like?

The image below highlights key areas of a Professional Landing Page (also referred to as a Squeeze Page).

Any Landing Page will have some or all of the following components:

  • Targets a Specific Product or Service
  • Company Logo (and Name)
  • Multiple Ways for Potential Clients to Contact You
  • Eye-Catching Graphics or Pictures
  • Solid Headline that is Clear and Concise
  • Professionally Written Content
  • Optimized Anchor Text Links
  • Competitive Research on Competition, Keywords and Industry
  • Researching an Appropriate Domain

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Anatomy of a Professionally Created Landing Page