Creating Effective Sales Pages

Make the most of your landing pages

A professionally designed landing page is one of the most effective internet marketing tools a business can utilize. Landing Pages or Sales Pages are single, focused web pages whose main goal is to convert site visitors into leads or conversions. For this reason, landing pages are often referred to as “lead capture pages” or “sales pages.”

Landing pages or Sales Pages work best when used to supplement a more fully developed website, but they can also be an affordable option for businesses with a small online marketing budget or fewer products or services to advertise.

Level9Solutions can create web sales page and thank you page for your business as well as create an effective online promotion of your business website. We can custom build landing pages for your business, and we also offer website templates for clients who need less customization.

Landing Page Optimization

Due to their specificity, Landing Pages can easily be optimized for search engines and are often linked from social media sites or email campaigns. Many online marketers find it effective to optimize their landing page with highly focused paid search initiatives like PPC marketing.

There are a number of elements involved in creating an effective landing page. Here are a few of the most important elements of successful landing page optimization.

Call to Action

As discussed, Landing Pages are used primarily as lead generation or conversion pages; their main goal is to get people to take some form of action. Whether this means submitting contact information or making a direct purchase depends on the nature of your internet marketing campaign as a whole. Whatever the goal for your landing page, the most important element is a clear, concise call to action. Tell your visitors what you want from them by making it clear what you can do for them.

Ideally you’ll call your landing page visitors to action several times, but it’s important to ensure you have got at least one clear call to action located “above the fold.” This call to action can be text based (i.e. “Call Now for a Free Consultation”) or image based (I.e. sign-up or buy-now button) and should ultimately be the focus of your page without overwhelming your visitors. (here is an example of a professionally created landing page)

Relevant Content

The best way to call your potential clients or customers to action without overwhelming them is to provide them with just the right amount of information without going overboard. Clients want to know what they can expect from you. Their first impression of what to expect comes from the ad or link they followed to get to your landing page. The key to keeping them there is to meet their query with highly relevant content.

As with any search marketing campaign, the content on a landing page should be directly related to organic search results. People will find your sales page with particular expectations of what to find, based on the keywords you have optimized for in your organic SEO, PPC campaign or linking. If your potential clients do not find what they expect, they will likely leave before exploring your page.

Singular Focus

Because landing pages are singularly focused and ultimately action driven; well-designed sales pages need to send a clear message. They should be clean and relatively clutter-free; yet should make use of larger text, contrasting colors and images where appropriate to direct users’ attention. Both our custom designed landing pages and landing page website templates make use of this standard.

Make your landing page easy for visitors to quickly scan by using sub-headers or bullets. Most importantly, don’t let your visitors get distracted. Limit external links and don’t offer multiple choices or optional extras. Keep the content and calls to action highly focused and you’ve got the best chance of generating leads or making a sale.


Often one of the best ways to get visitors to take action is to offer them something in return. Enticing your visitors with freebies and samples is a great way to get them to try your product or service. Be generous in your offer (try to outsell your competition) but do not overextend your budget with this. Offer a product, service or sample that will ultimately generate a lead, like a free consultation wherein you describe how you can best serve their needs.

Level9Solutions Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great way to generate leads quickly. They’re also an affordable option for business owners on a budget. If you have any questions about Landing pages or landing page optimization, contact Level9Solutions today. We will build and optimize custom landing pages for the online marketing of your business. Contact us today!